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Water Coolers

Mains-fed water coolers located in the office or workplace provide clean drinking water for all your employees. Water coolers are directly plumbed into the existing water mains supply to your building.


Plumbed-in workplace water coolers are ideal for factories and eliminate the need for bottled water machines.


We are an approved dealer for Waterlogic and Borg & Overstrom water coolers and water cooler parts.


HVS Global  has a wide range of water coolers and will gladly advise you on how many plumbed-in office water coolers your are likely to require.


We provide a full after sales customer service and we can advise you about and the frequency of changing your purification filters as instructed by the manufacturer.


HVS Global will install your water cooler and renew the filters at a very affordable price. You can contact us by email if you have any questions regarding water coolers and water filter replacement.


Vending Machines

HVS Global has an exclusive range of DarenthMJS hot drink machines for your office or workplace. Our vending machine range covers speciality beverage machines and in-cup machines.


We supply consumables for all our vending machines which you can purchase direct from the website.


We stock the Sienna speciality beverage machine by DarenthMJS which presents a futuristic vending machine design. The Sienna vending machine is the ideal choice when you need hot drinks for your staff and it has a great selection of drinks.


We have more vending machines in stock on the site featuring table top and full standing designs. We stock the amazing Refresh 700 which is a fully automatic and high capacity drinks machine in a space saving, table top format.


Our site is open 7 days a week so why don't you contact HVS Global Refreshment Systems with a view to purchasing your next vending machine. Our staff are at hand to answer any questions you may have.



Water Filters

HVS Global supply quality plumbed-in water filters that produce fresh water with its own crisp taste. You will notice a difference in taste with a filter compared to the taste of most bottled water and at a small fraction of the overall cost!  It is well known that tap water contains several chemicals that have been added during treatment.


There is also the risk that other chemicals have seeped from other polluting sources. Water can have an unpleasant taste, smell and could give rise to health conditions associated pollutants.


A filter system is a cost effective way of treating water in your home, office or workplace. A plumbed-in filter provides an instant supply of filtered tap water and is not as time consuming as a filtered jug system.


HVS Global stock the best plumbed-in water filters from HYDRO+, Eco3 and Water logic which are very efficient as removing chlorine, heavy metals and dissolved organics from your tap water supply.




Water Cooler Spare Parts

HVS Global supply Waterlogic spares and other spare parts for water systems which can be purchased direct from this web site. Over time, as the machine is frequently used some parts of the machine will become worn or broken and will need replacing. This will ensure that you keep up the standard of quality drinking water that your employees have come to expect.


This is why we offer a buy it now service for the most common parts of the water cooler. We supply a wide range of Waterlogic spares and Borg & Overstrom spares via our website or alternatively you can contact us for help regarding other spares.


Replacing parts in your water cooler is the key to a long life cooler. To save the need for paying out for a new cooler, as parts become broken or unusable, replace them right away. Whether it's a dent in the side panel, a broken drip tray or a blown UV bulb, we supply the recommended spare parts. As soon as the parts are replaced the water machine will function like new. Feel free to contact us with any Queries you may have.







Water Coolers & Refreshment Systems

Establish in 1995 HVS Global is a one stop shop for all your water purification needs, water filter and vending machine requirements. We supply a wide range of Quality water machines Vending Machines & Consumables at great prices. As we are approved suppliers of Waterlogic machine spares, Acis water dispensers, Darenth MJS vending machines and Borg & Overstrӧm water systems, all spare replacements parts are available from stock. 


We specialise in Quality low price water machines and refreshment systems which are Ideal for your home, office or work place. A Water Cooler brings fresh tasting water at a touch of a button. HVS Supply a full range of manufacturers water filters, UV lamps for water systems, plumbing parts and installation kits for all our machines. We have in stock a wide selection of consumables from plastic cups, paper cone cups to clean kits and Hygiene product to keep your vending or water machine in tip top condition. All products are available to buy direct for home or office and are delivered direct to your door. Our water coolers and vending machines are ideal for all work environments offering quality service at a touch of a button. We have a range of styles to suit every office and home.


Quality Value & Environmentally Friendly

Over the past 10 years water coolers have become increasingly more popular around the world, whether they are for office use or home. This is understandable as water can benefit both offices and homes from productivity at work to losing weight at home. Installing a bottle-less water cooler in your home or office is not only a great way of saving money, but will also improve your environmental footprint! Our water coolers not only look great, but also offer the purest, freshest, coolest superior tasting water in your cup with the freedom to enjoy the very best at the most competitive prices. Invest in a water machine today to make your office or home a happy and healthy environment.


Free Help & Advice

HVS help

If you require help or advice on any of our products or services, both before and after purchase please feel free to contact us.

Our trained and helpful staff are on-hand Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm to answer any inquiries you may have.

We guarantee a fast response to all your inquiries.

Flexible maintenance options available, please ask for details for an option to suit you. Fast deliver on all equipment and consumables throughout the UK.


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