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  • Drinking water reduces the risk of Cancer

    Posted on May 20, 2013 by hills

    Drinking water at home or work can help to prevent and reduce the risk of getting cancer. Keeping your family and staff healthy and fit can be achieved by encouraging them to drink plenty of water. The use of a water cooler at home or in the work place can help to remind people to stop and have a drink throughout the day.

    We all know that drinking adequate mounts of water is essential to the human body’s survival, but did you know that drinking water can also help to decrease the risk of us getting certain types of cancer? Drinking lots of water helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer, bladder cancer and even breast cancer. Water flushes out wastes from our bodies and clears away harmful bacteria that can cause diseases like cancer. Drinking plenty of water has a major role to play in our digestive system by diluting the toxic compounds that are present in the bowel. Water then speeds up the passing of stools shortening the contact of carcinogens with the bowel lining hence reducing the risks of developing bowel cancer. It is also thought that being hydrated can prevent and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Studies suggest that keeping the cells in our bodies hydrated will help them to function correctly, dehydrated Cells have their internal functions impaired which can prevent them from being able to remove harmful substances which may become the cause of cancer. Drinking our daily recommended water intake and keeping our bodies and cells hydrated can help us in the fight against harmful cancer causing substances.

    Encouraging our children to drink plenty of water at an early age is a great way to help them learn good life skills that will keep them healthy. Encouraging children to drink plenty of water is sometime easier said than done however the use of an automatic water cooler at home can be fun to use and can encourage children to drink more. This in turn can build good habits for later life keeping them fit, healthy and cancer free.

    Table top water machines fit nicely in most modern kitchens, providing pure, clear, refreshing, chilled water at the touch of a button.  Free standing water cooler can be used for the office or work place giving staff a focal point in which they can discuss the day’s events over a cup of refreshing water.

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  • Choose Right, Be Healthy, Love Life!

    Posted on April 9, 2013 by hills

    Over the past 10 years water coolers have become increasingly more popular around the world, whether they are for office use or home. This is understandable as water can benefit both offices and homes from productivity at work to losing weight at home. Water coolers are most certainly essential to a healthy and happy life but choosing the right one for you can be a struggle.

    In this article we are going to start by explaining the benefits of water and how it can help in an office or home. Believe it or not water is a natural remedy for most common problems, being that most common problems are caused by dehydration. With our bodies being made up of over 70% water, it's understandable that not drinking enough water can have many side affects. With the average adult sweating up to 1.5 gallons (6 litres) per week, lots of water is needed to sustain a healthy balance.

    The main health factors of drinking water are; weight loss, energy gain, lubrication of the joints and muscles, better immune system, rise in your metabolism, relieves fatigue, it's a natural remedy for back pain and headaches and can also reduce the risk of cancer. Along side the health benefits, water can replenish the skin making you look younger and can also boost your concentration!

    The differences between a plumbed water cooler and a bottled cooler are fairly obvious but can easily be over looked if it’s not been made clear. Let's start with the most obvious. A bottled water cooler has bottles! Yes big bottles that sit on top of the machine to give it water. This means you need to have a storage place for back up bottles, as you can't just take them to your tap and refill them. Not to mention the weight of each bottle! With each bottle holding around 20L of water, you can imagine how heavy they are. A plumbed in water cooler on the other hand rids you of the bottles because its mains fed (it connects to the water supply in your office or home).

    The second most obvious difference is the price, where the bottled water coolers may be slightly cheaper, you have to supply it with the water! That means buying bottle upon bottles of water for however long you have your water machine. A bottle of water for your machine can range from £5-£15, and that's just for one bottle! With the plumbed in water cooler you pay a little more but that's it! Other than a new filter every 6 months, that's all you pay. I have found that when people have bought a bottled water machine to save themselves money, they have paid the price of a plumbed water machine after the first 2 to 4 weeks, and by 6 months have replaced it anyway with a plumbed in water machine because it cost them too much money.

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  • How to live longer, look younger and get smarter!

    Posted on October 17, 2012 by hills

    There have been much media discussions about the different benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated.  It is important to drink plenty of water daily both in the office and at home, as every single cell in the human body needs it to absorb nutrients and expel waste products. Water machines can help to achieve a healthy mind and body by ensuring your staff members have cool clear water on tap from your office water cooler.

    Some of the less well know advantages and health reasons for drinking water are that water can help to keep us young looking and can save the ladies and gents money as not drinking plenty of water can cause the skin to suffer and dry out, there for needing to splash out on more expensive moisturizers and lotions. Drinking water keeps the skin moisturized reducing fine lines and wrinkles and not drinking enough water can cause our bodies to retain what we do drink in order to conserve resources, causing water retention making our skin look puffy and bloated.

    Our Joints also get the benefit from drinking plenty of cool clear water from the water dispenser, as to remain strong and flexible joints need moisture. Drinking plenty of water helps maintain pain free strong smooth movement of the joints.

    Did you know that drinking water can make you smarter! Its true, as drinking water increases our cognitive function. Our brains require plenty of oxygen to function at an optimum level and water ensures the brain gets the oxygen it requires. Drinking eight to ten cups of water a day can improve our cognitive performance by as much as 30%! Water also supports nerve function.

    Another benefit of drinking water is that it makes our muscles stronger. That's because water carries oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles. Drinking plenty of water enables your muscles to work harder and longer before they feel tired, and this can help you build muscle.

    Investing is an office water cooler makes sense in so many different ways, helping us all to drink more water daily can keep us all healthy, happy and can help us live longer and more fruitful lives.

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  • Drinking Water Can Help Dieters Lose Weight

    Posted on September 24, 2012 by hills

    The story is based on research that hoped to find evidence to support the common sense theory that replacing high calorie drinks with water or low calorie diet drinks helps weight loss. So having that water cooler in your office really can help! Water Machines in the work place can help to cut down on obesity in adults. This can reduce many health problems to do with poor diet like heart disease or diabetes. A separate analysis did find that people switching to water were more likely to lose 5% of their body weight.

    It’s worth pointing out that the study was funded by a leading bottled water company in the US. It’s also noteworthy that people in the water/diet drinks groups were given the bottled water or dietary beverages. In real life, people who had to buy their own drinks might not be as good at sticking to drinking low calorie alternatives.

     All in all in my view it is a good idea to look after yourself by knowing what you are putting in to your bodies, soft drinks are ok in moderation, but stay hydrated, drink your daily recommended water. Plumbed water dispensers can be a visual reminder to us all as we go about our daily office routine, to stop and have a healthy glass of water and maybe lose a pound or two, to boot.

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  • Why that cup of coffee may not be so bad after all

    Posted on September 11, 2012 by hills

    One benefit of drinking a daily cup of coffee is improved mental performance. Coffee helps improve alertness, attention and wakefulness that can actually improve mental and work performance. Groggy workers often miss important details and may make mistakes that they wouldn't otherwise make. A cup of coffee awakens the brain and helps you to be more alert in your daily performances, whether as a worker, student or parent. Coffee can actually increase information processing by 10%. This is especially important for repetitive work. Coffee can also help to deal with the problem of headaches.
    So what about our physical health? Could coffee really benefit?

    Apparently so, indeed coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants which can help minimize the likelihood of heart disease and cancer. Tea is of course known for high levels of antioxidants as well, however, it is currently being investigated to prove that coffee may have four times the level of antioxidants in some teas. There is also evidence that coffee may improve the performance of the liver. In fact, a study completed by Professor D'amicis, Head of Nutrition Information Unit in INRAN in Rome, Italy, pointed out that coffee may protect against cirrhosis of the liver, gallbladder disease and an increase of liver enzyme. The study involved approximately 130,000 adults who by drinking four cups of coffee a day have 1/5 the risk of those who do not drink any coffee. Coffee also prevents the cirrhosis of the liver that alcoholic drinks tend to cause. Men may also have a chance of reducing the risk of gallstone disease by drinking 3 cups of coffee a day. By drinking 4 cups a day, men may reduce the risk by ½.

    Coffee definitely has a list of benefits including a higher attention and alertness quota as well as several health benefits. So, the next time your co-worker or roommate gives you a hard time about drinking coffee, tell them to consider the benefits of drinking a moderate amount of coffee may have.

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  • We are all living water machines!

    Posted on September 4, 2012 by hills

    We are all living water machines‚ designed primarily to run on water and minerals. Every life giving and healing process that happens inside our body... happens with water. In just the last decade medical science has begun to focus more on the tremendous healing ability our body has and how much that ability depends on water. Our body instinctively knows how and strives to sustain youthful longevity‚ and in its every effort... water is the key. The human body is made up of over 70% water. Our blood is more than 80%‚ our brain ... over 75%‚ and the human liver is an amazing 96% water! Drinking water from water machines at work, in the home and at play can greatly increase our health.

    Our energy level is greatly affected by the amount of water we drink. It has been medically proven that just a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25% to 30% loss of energy in the average person... a 15% drop in body fluids causing death! Water is what our liver uses to metabolize fat into useable energy. It is estimated that over 80% of our population suffers energy loss due to minor dehydration. Having water machines in our work place can reduce dehydration greatly. Everyone benefits from cool refreshing water delivered on tap via plumbed in water machines.

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  • Mains water coolers cut transport and focus on local resources

    Posted on August 17, 2012 by HVS Global

    Environmentally conscious companies could find mains water coolers help them to achieve their aims in a large number of different ways.

    The most obvious of these is the reduction of waste packaging due to the removal of plastic bottles, as are used in non-mains water coolers.

    But there are broader issues of resource efficiency that might be overlooked at first glance - notably the source of the water, and the distance it is transported.

    While solid substances are, in principle, denser than liquids, many finished products contain air spaces that make them lighter, whereas bottles of water typically contain little to no trapped air - making them heavy, as you'll know if you've ever tried to replace the container on your office water dispenser.

    This weight makes water expensive to transport over long distances, as well as using large amounts of fuel - and therefore producing carbon emissions.

    By switching to mains water coolers, you obtain water directly from your local reservoir, meaning it has travelled as little distance as possible, through the existing mains infrastructure.

    This can help to cut the real-terms carbon emissions of the water consumed from your office water dispensers, while meaning you're also drinking from the rainfall that landed in your local area's uplands - a much more sustainable option than trying to supply the whole nation's businesses with water from a handful of mineral springs.

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  • Water coolers can cope with mini-heatwaves

    Posted on August 10, 2012 by HVS Global

    Mains water coolers are a good way of making sure your workforce have access to chilled water when a mini-heatwave hits.

    Bottled water coolers can pose problems for seasonal demand - not everybody will want to drink ice-cold water through the winter months, for instance.

    As a result, you may find it takes a long time to get through a bottle of water, leading to concerns about how long the bottle has been open before the last of the water is drunk.

    With mains water coolers, you don't have this problem - the water is simply drawn from the mains supply, like running a tap, but is still chilled to make it more refreshing.

    And while the British summer has been a bit hit and miss so far, Met Office forecasts for many parts of the UK foresee a few days of bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20s.

    It is during these short, unexpected periods of warmer weather that mains water dispensers really come into their own, making sure your employees can cool off - and rehydrate - without posing a year-round admin and maintenance headache like their bottled counterparts.

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  • Waterlogic water dispensers help Network Rail halve carbon footprint

    Posted on August 3, 2012 by HVS Global

    Waterlogic water dispensers are allowing Network Rail to halve its carbon footprint, compared with using bottled drinking water.

    By shifting to mains-fed water coolers from PHS Waterlogic, Network Rail expects to cut 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from its emissions over the coming five years.

    Unlike bottled drinking water for water coolers, Waterlogic mains-fed water dispensers cut down both on the amount of packaging waste produced, and on the number of units needed to serve the same size of workforce.

    Previously, Network Rail's water coolers were mains-fed in just 7% of cases, with 93% of its units using bottled water.

    In all, nearly 2,000 units serve fresh drinking water to Network Rail's 35,000 staff, and of the 50% savings expected, 13 percentage points come from the lower carbon footprint of mains-fed units, and 37 percentage points are thanks to an overall reduction in the number of units.

    David Matthews, managing director of PHS Waterlogic, says: "Mains-fed is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly approach.

    "For those who have concerns about taste or temperature, there is proven technology and equipment to purify, chill, heat and even carbonate, all from mains supply."

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  • Water machines let humans respond to evolutionary thirst instincts

    Posted on July 27, 2012 by HVS Global

    Water machines that ensure a plentiful supply of fluids can allow modern-day office workers to respond to their evolutionary instincts to quench their thirst.

    In a feature in the BMJ, TD Noakes, Discovery Health chair of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town department of human biology, explains how evolution led to humans' unique ability to control their bodily fluids.

    "Humans evolved as long-distance persistence hunters on the arid savannahs of south and east Africa," the article explains.

    "We inherited the capacity to regulate our body temperatures during prolonged exercise in dry heat, despite quite large reductions in total body water - no other mammal has the equivalent capacity."

    While this means humans can go for long periods without quenching their thirst - such as waiting until the next mealtime - it does not mean they are entirely unaffected by the desire to drink.

    Rather, Mr Noakes writes that human beings "optimise their hydration status by drinking according to the dictates of thirst".

    As such, office water machines can play an important role in topping up fluids when thirst develops, keeping employees comfortable and ready to tackle their workload throughout the day.

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