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This page has been made to answer the main questions we get asked.


Can you install our Plumbed in Water machine for us?
- Yes, we can install the cooler for you, prices start from £95.00 for customers within the UK mainland.
Can we Install our Plumbed in Water machine Ourselves?
- The installation of a plumbed in water cooler is an easy DIY fit with no pipes to cut, no copper piping or soldering and no need to turn off the water.
How far can a Plumbed in Water machine be from the Mains Supply?
- Water machines can be plumbed in up to 15 metres away from the Mains water supply using non invasive food grade flexi pipe
How long does it take to install a Plumbed in Water machine?
- A typical installation takes about half an hour there are no pipes to cut and no copper piping or soldering involved the machines are connected via non invasive food grade flexi pipe.
What do the Water Filters do?
- Water filters are capable of reducing or eliminating bad tastes and odours, chlorine, and other organic contaminants to produce significantly improved drinking water.
How long does a Water Filter Last?
- The water filters will last for 6 months. We offer a Free filter reminder service to notify you when your filter needs replacing.